11 January 2009

Eagles vs. Giants: 2nd half

2:51 PM
And we're back! Big return by Demps on the opening kickoff of the second half.

2:52 PM
Good play by the Giants defense there. That's not an interception that was Donovan McNabb's fault.

2:54 PM
Giants' keys for the second half:
(1) run Brandon Jacobs up the middle.
(2) keep a LB in the middle to combat the Eagles' crossing routes.

Eagles' keys for the second half:
(1) keep running crossing routes until the Giants stop them.
(2) load up the middle against the run - Eli hasn't shown that he can pass the ball effectively yet today.

3:02 PM
Joe Buck notes that "Donovan McNabb hasn't been effectiveness today. These quarterbacks have struggled even with some of the more simpler throws." I laugh.

3:04 PM
Pass hits Kevin Curtis' helmet, then Kevin Curtis' hands, then the turf. Aaron Ross gets flagged for illegal hands to the face. The replay doesn't show anything flag-worthy. The announcers are talking about the previous play.

3:07 PM
"This year, they've not been good running the football, whether they've run it a lot or run it very few." I'm sorry to be continually harping on the announcing, but it's BLOODY AWFUL.

3:10 PM
The Giants aren't getting pressure on McNabb unless they blitz. Philly's offensive line is doing a pretty awesome job.

3:15 PM
David Akers sets a new NFL record for consecutive postseason field goals made. Nobody cares.

3:18 PM
The commentators say that the Giants need to get Jacobs more carries.

3:29 PM
Andy Reid looks like a walrus. Or a hobo. Or a hobo walrus, standing (do walruses stand?) by the side of the freeway, holding up a sign: "Will work for food. Lots of food."

3:36 PM
End of the 3rd quarter, Eagles up 13-11 with the ball on the Giants' 1-ish yard line.

3:37 PM
Beginning of the 4th quarter (because no time went off the clock during the Eagles' last play), Eagles up 20-11. Touchdown pass, McNabb-Celek.

3:43 PM
Why are the Giants challenging this spot? Why would they risk losing momentum and a timeout when they have a big quarterback, two All-Pro offensive linemen, and a 260-lb running back?

3:46 PM
Especially when they're going for it anyway?

3:56 PM
...and I get back from helping a locked-out resident (oh, the joys of dorm life), the Giants go for it on 4th down (again) and don't get it (apparently again... I missed the last attempt).

4:00 PM
Wow, but Desean Jackson is fast.

4:03 PM
Ball on the 1 yard line. All-Pro running back Brian Westbrook. What to do... what to do... I know! Pass! Eagles kick a field goal, lead 23-11.

4:07 PM
Manning sails another pass, this time into triple coverage. Eagles pick it off.

4:09 PM
Why did Donovan McNabb just run out of bounds? His team is up by 12 points, the other team doesn't have any timeouts left, and there are three minutes left in the game!

4:10 PM
And then he acts like even more of an idiot, drawing a flag for taunting the Giants bench.

4:13 PM
After the Eagles punt, Manning throws a pass at the hands of an Eagles defender. There's a reason the guy was a defender, rather than a wideout, I guess.

4:18 PM
Eagles move on to the NFC championship game, Giants go home. Postgame interviews... Donovan McNabb looks tired and kind of goofy.

4:22 PM
I'm going to go outside, get some fresh air, and then make dinner. Tonight: tuna and rice.

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