11 January 2009

Eagles vs. Giants

So it's Sunday afternoon, and I'm a heterosexual American male. What am I going to do?


12:53 PM
My pick, before the game starts: Giants, 21-13. I think that New York will manage to run the ball up the middle, control the clock, and keep the Eagles from putting up points. Brandon Jacobs is a big dude.

1:14 PM
...and my internet cuts out for about 20 minutes. Wonderful. A couple of thoughts on what I saw while I was without blogability (kind of like drinkability, but less flatulent) -

(1) good move by the Giants going for it on 4th and 2, especially after a bad spot like that.

(2) why would you ever, ever try to run a stretch play with Brandon Jacobs? He's big and strong, but not very fast or agile.

1:18 PM
Donovan McNabb rolls right and "fires a laser" to DeSean Jackson. Wouldn't that hurt, being hit with a laser? It was a nice pass, though. McNabb, from what I've seen, throws better - more velocity, more accuracy - on the move than standing in the pocket.

1:20 PM
Good coverage by the Giants. The commentators note that there was good coverage by the Giants. Of course it was good coverage by the Giants - it was third and long! They knew a deep pass was coming!

1:22 PM
Did it sound like the referee was laughing when he was announcing that penalty, or was it just me?

1:25 PM
Manning looks awful in the early going. Interception by Asante Samuel, and that was about the third ball that Manning has thrown high so far.

1:25 PM
Pro to diving headfirst over a pile: if it works, it looks really cool.
Con to diving headfirst over a pile: if it doesn't work, it looks really goofy.
Brian Westbrook just looked really goofy.

1:28 PM
McNabb sneaks the ball up the middle. Touchdown Philadelphia.

1:34 PM
12 yards to Steve Smith on (what a surprise) a crossing route. First good pass Manning's thrown today.

1:37 PM
...and Manning throws another wounded duck, leading to a Giants punt.

1:39 PM
There's a diaper in the middle of the Eagles' endzone. I'm not kidding. There's a diaper, just sitting there. Also, Brian Westbrook gets stuffed on a run up the middle.

1:41 PM
Correll Buckhalter runs for 1 yard. The announcers rave about his ability. Donovan McNabb throws a strike through Jason Avant's hands.

1:47 PM
Brandon Jacobs runs for 1 yard on a pitch to the left side. Brandon Jacobs gets absolutely buried by Chris Gocong and three other Eagles defenders. Brandon Jacobs celebrates after he gets up, flailing his arms and screaming.

1:52 PM
Big play from the Giants defense here... alternately, an absolutely dumb play from Donovan McNabb, grounding the ball from the end zone. Why would you ever throw the ball away from the endzone? You know it's going to be a safety - just try to make something happen with your feet.

1:53 PM
On a happier note, Justin Tuck does look a lot better, even though the announcers say that he does.

1:59 PM
The announcers note - 35 minutes after I did - how bad Manning looks. Of course, he throws a nice pass on the next play.

2:05 PM
Carney misses a field goal. The camera cuts to a shot of the Giants' other kicker, Lawrence Tynes, standing on the sidelines. Unnecessarily dramatic camera work, much? Still 7-5, Iggles.

2:14 PM
The Thomas blitz/McNabb interception that just occurred was a beautiful play from the Giants, and a horrible play from the Eagles. New York showed blitz the whole play. There was nothing covert or confusing about the way they lined up. And the Eagles didn't have enough guys on the offensive line to block the blitzers.

2:16 PM
Brandon Jacobs is a big dude. 24 yards up the middle, rumblin', stumblin', matriculating the ball down the field.

2:24 PM
"Close to first-down yardage, looks to be maybe a hair short." That's the announcement from the commentators after Derrick Ward is tackled... 2 yards or so short of the first down.

2:25 PM

...and here comes the field goal team.

2:30 PM
The Eagles are working their way down the field by running crossing route after crossing route. That's four in a row now.

2:34 PM
Donovan McNabb pump-fakes... while he's five yards past the line of scrimmage. And two Giants defenders buy it.

2:36 PM
A David Akers field goal makes it 10-8 Eagles at halftime. I'm going to go get some fresh air. The second half will pick up with a new post.

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