15 January 2009

Skateboarding's Native American roots

Apparently, some of skateboarding's earliest pioneers were Native American. This heretofore unknown nugget was turned up by ESPN.com's Adam Salo. To quote from his article The Malto Age:

Our ancestors, like it or not, were surfers who began to roll on the concrete that crept right to the mouth of the ocean. The seminole Dogtowners got their start bombing hills that led directly to their local beach break.

Leaving aside for the moment the lack of punctuation in this ancient and revered tribe's name, we all owe Mr. Salo a debt of gratitude for the hours of research it must have taken him to uncover this forgotten side of skateboarding's history.

Alternately, Salo just didn't know how to spell the word seminal.

In looking at the screenshot, please also note the missing comma between "rage" and the creatively hyphenated "re-enforcing"

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