04 February 2009

No! No! No!

Alternate title: Jamal Mashburn is an idiot.


Question and answer from ESPN.com's "Daily Dime" segment:

Boston and Cleveland have been jockeying for the top seed in the East and hoping to avoid Orlando (the prospective three seed). If Nelson is unable to return this season, whu would Boston and Cleveland prefer to face in the second round of the playoffs -- Orlando or the 4 seed?

Mashburn: If I'm Boston or Cleveland I am automatically shooting for the No. 1 seed. That's my goal no matter who is below me or what potential matchups are out there. Because once you start looking at the standings and say that a team like the Magic could be a little bit undermanned and start to take them lightly if you happen to play them.

But- but- but- (yes, I sound like a motorboat. What you gon' do 'bout it?) If you start a clause with "because," then it's dependent! You need an independent clause for the dependent clause to depend on! To borrow a phrase from the vernacular: Wha ha happen?


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