09 February 2009

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The lineup for the newest version of Dancing with the Stars has been announced.

And it rocks.

For those who don't feel like clicking the link, here's the list, organized alphabetically.

Belinda Carlisle (apparently she's a singer... never heard of her)
Stephen Glover (AKA Steve-O; actor)
David Alan Grier (actor from In Living Color)
Jewel (singer; Ty Murray's wife)
Shawn Johnson (olympic champion gymnast)
Kimberly Jones (AKA Lil' Kim)
Giles Marini (actor from Sex in the City)
Ty Murray (president of PBR; Jewel's husband)
Nancy O'Dell (hosts Access Hollywood)
Denise Richards (actress)
Lawrence Taylor (former linebacker, New York Giants)
Chuck Wicks (another singer I've never heard of)
Steve Wozniak (Apple co-founder)

My early predictions: Shawn Johnson will be this season's version of Michelle Kwan; Jewel and Lawrence Tayler will also do very well. Dark horse: Ty Murray.

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