03 February 2009

Two Link Tuesday: Super Bowl sideshows

It's time for everything but football this evening - the single best and single worst non-game-related moments of Sunday's broadcast. If you watched, then you probably already know where these are going... but I felt that they should be immortalized anyway.

Video 1: The Crotch-Slide
The worst moment in Super Bowl halftime show history? I think so. Certainly the most awkward. Seriously - the entire show, from the stripperesque pole-dancing he did with the microphone stand at the beginning to the choir singing with him at the end, came across as forced; the crotch-first power(less)slide into the camera was the icing on the cake. As soon as the Boss got that goofy grin on his face and started loping across the stage, I started saying "No! No!" like I was about to be tackled by a well-meaning but mentally handicapped puppy. Just witness (warning: some content may be inappropriate for viewers with fragile stomachs). To go directly to the ill-fated slide, skip to about the 3:15 mark.

Video 2: CareerBuilder.com commercial
Absolutely the highlight of the non-football Super Bowl to me. I've watched this commercial six times now, and have literally L'ed OL each time. Best part: the koala.

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