08 March 2009

Who knows... the moment we've been dreading (or that we haven't)

Hi y'all -

In case you haven't noticed, it's been about a week since I've posted anything.

Mostly, that's because I've been traveling all across the country - I had an interview with the University of Washington, and then it was spring break.

Partly, though, it's endemic of something that I've been picking up on for a little while: I've started thinking of this blog as a duty, rather than a break from the real world.

I didn't start 90% Mental for it to feel like a chore, and I'm not going to continue it while it does. I want to watch basketball again without thinking about whether I should write a blog post, to read ESPN or SportsIllustrated without trying to find grammatical errors.

For the foreseeable future, then, I'm putting the blog on hiatus. It's been a good run, y'all, and, who knows, it might be again someday. We've done some good, we've had some laughs, and, really, who could ask for more than that?

I'd say "Good night and good luck," but, hey, that's not really my style.

Have a great evening.