28 January 2010

Because of Publix.

Forget about Winn Dixie. If y'all're from the Southeast, you know what I'm at.


First: music. Warning, there is profanity in this song. But it is also awesome. And also appropriate for the situation.

My thoughts on the SOTU:

1. Increasing exports? Awesome. But how, exactly? Doesn't that assume that we have something that other countries want to buy? And/or that if we did, we could produce it at prices that other countries would be willing to pay?

2. Ending DADT? Also awesome. I'm a firm supporter (no pun intended) of letting anyone who wants to serve do so. But when, exactly, is this going to happen?

3. High speed rail? Not a huge fan. I'm sure Disney's a huge fan - it's like the monorail runs all the way across the state! Hurrah! - but it seems overly expensive and not all that practical for the state of Florida.

4. Getting out of Iraq? I'm not at all sure about this. I tend to think that we have kind of a responsibility to rebuild the country, given that we Blew It All Up. But, at the same time, I don't think that our continued presence in the region is doing us any favors international-relations-wise.

Have a lovely evening, folks.

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