27 January 2010

Christopher Lee is awesome.

Most ridiculously awesome octogenarian ever!

Favorite TV quote of the day:
"It's time for this fawn to strap on a machine gun, spread its wings, and fly." - Portia de Rossi, on Better Off Ted. This last episode wasn't one of the series' best, but you can always count on de Rossi's character to deliver some great lines.

Sports Thought of the Morning
I miss Rocco Baldelli! I still remember him coming up with the (then-Devil) Rays a few years ago. Guy hit for average, power, had speed, and played great defense, too. Classy fellow, from all accounts. Never got into trouble, well liked in the community. So now he's (according to ESPN) in Rhode Island hoping to get a spring training invite from some team. Might I suggest the Rays? No, he's not going to be a starter anymore, but he could be a halfway decent pinch-hitter, and he's always been good in the clubhouse.

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