26 January 2010

Guess who's back...

So I figured I'd start blogging again.

Life is kind of crazy, isn't it? The last time I posted here, I was in the middle of my last semester of undergraduate. Now, less than a year later, I'm living (quite literally) on the other side of the country, I'm in the middle of my second quarter of graduate school, I've lost (by which I mean cut off) all my hair, I'm so steeped in jargon that many people don't hear actual words when I talk...

Basically, I started to miss writing. When I was in undergrad, I was writing for the paper every week, there were always essays due, there were poems and short stories that I just had to write and edit for classes.

I'm still writing stories and poems (though I will admit that I miss the feedback from workshops), but I felt like I needed another outlet. Thus, 90% Mental! Again.

The music that I've embedded on the page for this post is from a band called My Brightest Diamond. I posted on them (and embedded the same song) at Attempts at Hip, but, something like two months later, I'm still listening. It's good, good stuff.

Lastly (for today), I started 90% Mental as a sports blog. As I'm imagining it at the moment, it's not so much a sports blog as an anything-that's-on-my-mind blog, hopefully expressed with some modicum of wit and glitz. Not that I won't write about sports - it's just that I'll be writing about a lot of other stuff, too.

-Brandon Routh and Kristen Kreuk appearing on Chuck
-Colts/Saints in the Super Bowl. Early line is at 56.
-The over on the Super Bowl

-The giant billboard outside my apartment that advises all who live under its shadow to be wary of SAD. In large letters written over a black background.
-Wet feet
-The main character from Avatar hair-raping a dragon.

Have a great day, y'all! I'll be aboot.

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