31 January 2010

Listen to this song on a system with good bass

...and it'll blow your mind.

Ben Frost - Stomp

That's some good, good stuff right there. It's the kind of music that sneaks into your head and coils between the lobes of your brain and just kind of shivers, just kind of makes you shiver.

Anyways, it's (what a surprise) a gray, cold Sunday afternoon on the last day of January. I was watching a tree this morning, the leafless branches silhouetted against the red brick of a bank building and the trackless gray of the January sky, swaying in waltz time in the wind - it was kind of a cool moment.

Last night, I saw two spiders fighting at the intersection of two walls, under a streetlight. The yellowed halogen danced across the chitin of their backs. One of them fell off the web and scurried between the cracks in the wall. The other one sat in the middle of the web for a moment, then stepped back to the edge.

Have a good afternoon, y'all.

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Michelle said...

Nice beat! Try giving this a listen: