30 January 2010

Ray Wylie Hubbard and the Senior Bowl

Ray Wylie Hubbard - Mother Hubbard's Blues

When you're listening to Ray Wylie Hubbard, you know you're gonna get some awesome blues. This particular track, off his album "Snake Farm", is some awesome blues. Sample lyrics:

Soul Gravy and literature is some of what she prefers
Her old Lucky jeans and analog
She comes to bed in a negligee
Just to discuss Cinema Verite`

She's the only woman I know that likes Reservoir Dogs
I mean I liked it but there was some scenes in there that kind of skived me out
Well I got two nickels and a paradigm
It ain't spelled right but it rhymes

I'm getting desperate I'm about to derail
One more thing one last confession
The mother asks some tough questions
Like when Jesus went to heaven did he leave a vapor trail?

Yeah. That's awesome.

I'd like to note: I'm not listening to this music ironically. Why the heck would anybody want to do that? There's enough music out there that there's no need to listen to material that you find anything less than straight-up awesome. This is music that works for me, that makes me feel good. I'm not detached from this - I'm drowning myself in it, drinking it in, letting it fill me up. I do recognize that there might not be a lot of people in Seattle that listen to this in the way that I do, but... I just flat-out like it. Makes me feel warm.

Anyways, it's a Saturday afternoon, I've been reading Chesnutt and looking forward to the Senior Bowl. Of course (being a Gators fan) I want to see how Tebow and Riley Cooper do, but I'm also interested in seeing how smoothly Taylor Mays and Myron Rolle run in coverage and how well LeGarrette Blount displays himself after a less-than-stellar showing this last year.

Do we need a score prediction for a glorified exhibition like this one? Probably not, but I'll give one anyway: South 22, North 10. Look for Dexter McClusker to make at least one big play.

Have a great afternoon, y'all.

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