15 February 2010

Because the Bible is awesome

Sure, Moses was a great leader, an emancipator of his people and a prophet. Most people don't know that he also was the Biblical equivalent of Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher--a well-honed killing machine, able to slay from the shadows without pity or remorse. Martin Luther King may have had a dream, but Moses had a body count.

That's the first paragraph from the first entry on this list. Read it. Love it.

Anyways, sorry for missing a day, y'all, but I hope you had as much fun (or, hey, more, whatever) on Valentine's Day as I did... it was good to take a day off of, well, everything and just unwind. Shall we take a moment to remember The Reason For The Season?

Sorry for the pun, and much thanks to JH and MJH for the link.

Anyways - it's a beautiful Monday afternoon, I've got reading to do (hurrah Dreiser), and I'm, on that note, gonna be off to it.

Have a great day, y'all!

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