24 February 2010

A Day in the Life

Yes it is. In that I'm alive and it is the daytime.

Heck of a song. Heck of a performance.

This webcomic is funny. I like xkcd a lot. I also have much respect for my sysadmin friends. You know who you are.


Then, faint and prolonged, across the levels of the ranch, he heard the engine whistling for Bonneville. Again and again, at rapid intervals in its flying course, it whistled for road crossings, for sharp curves, for trestles; ominous notes, hoarse, bellowing, ringing with the accents of menace and defiance; and abruptly Presley saw again, in his imagination, the galloping monster, the terror of steel and steam, with its single eye, cyclopean, red, shooting from horizon to horizon; but saw it now as the symbol of a vast power, huge, terrible, flinging the echo of its thunder over all the reaches of the valley, leaving blood and destruction in its path; the leviathan, with tentacles of steel clutching into the soil, the soulless Force, the iron-hearted Power, the monster, the Colossus, the Octopus.
- The Octopus, Penguin Classics Edition, p. 51

How the heck am I gonna top that? Other than, I don't know, not writing like a crazy person... hm. I'll have to give that a shot. Still, the prose is moving.

Anyways -

Eat the rich!

And have a great day, y'all.

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