23 February 2010

I could rule the world

Let's go with something a little cheery this morning, eh? And this is definitely cheery music... even makes me forgive the hippy-ness and the occasional pornstache.

Busy busy today... need to finish up an article summary for Dr. Harkins and do some other reading, nothing too oppressive, though. The sky outside is back to its usual gray, so maybe that'll push me to get some work done.

I'm looking for something clever or witty to say here, some way to put my own unique spin on the world. But I've got nothing in particular that's so brilliant this morning. Meh. I'll do my drudgework and dream of coming up with a Truly Original Idea (TOI) that can set me apart from the masses. Shoutout to Russell Crowe.

Internet's running better today, at least, so that's something.

What should the Bucs do with their draft pick? Draft one of Suh or McCoy (Gerald, not Colt), or trade down if neither is available. You've committed yourself to Josh Freeman, so you aren't going to draft a QB early; Suh and McCoy are clearly the top two prospects in the draft, and there's pretty clearly a gap after them. If you're the Bucs and you can get down into the 10-20 range and grab a couple of other decent picks in the process, you've got to do that. Right?

And regarding trading up... JoeBucsFan gathers sources and says there's no chance. Of course, Peter King, Rich Gannon, Adam Schefter, and the rest of the talking heads have been dead wrong on more than one occasion, but I don't see the Bucs going to #1 overall this time - there's just too much money in play.

Eat the rich!

And all y'all have a great day.

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