02 February 2010

More Ray Wylie and my Chuck ruminations

As promised - more Ray Wylie Hubbard! I add his music rather than that of Ben Frost because I've been listening to more of the honorable Mr. Hubbard's over the last couple of days.

Ray Wylie Hubbard - The Way of the Fallen

Gotta love that beautiful sound. Just cries out for a peanut-shell-covered floor, a good pair of boots, a decent bourbon, and a good woman on your arm.

Anyways - I caught the newest episode of Chuck today (link to Hulu) and I've gotta say that the episode epitomized both what I love and what I find infuriating about that show.

If you haven't seen the episode yet, don't read this!

ok then.

we good?

I'm just giving you plenty of chances to turn back...

let's go.

First off, it's absolutely lovely to see Chuck growing up as a spy. At its core, Chuck is a show about a regular guy who has to become a CIA agent. The show has highlighted the sort of dilemma that Bartowski keeps getting himself into (the sorts of dilemmas that are inevitable), but up until now, he's always taken the easier route rather than living up to his responsibilities. That didn't happen this time. Little Chucky made a tough choice, a choice that had to be made, rather than letting the situation paralyze him. Hitting Manoush (sp?) with the tranq gun, and then sending him off to a isolation facility where he'll be held by the CIA for the rest of his life? Not easy. But right. And it was good to see.

Also good to see? Casey showing a little humanity. I mean, he's a tough guy, that's his character, but there's been a tendency thus far to show him as a sort of inhuman, near-psychopathic killing machine. While there's value to that, it was really quite lovely to see him admit that making tough choices over and over can take a significant toll. It was good to see him empathize with Chuck, too.

At the same time, my major frustration with the series continued: BuyMore. I feel rather as though the BuyMore was originally supposed to be Chuck's 'normal life', to serve as the balance against his ever-increasing Intersect responsibilities and the super-spy wackiness thereof. With the continuing ascendance of Chuck's sister and Awesome into the spotlight, however (and do note that's not an ascendance to which I'm at all opposed, given that Awesome's response to the CIA revelations and escapades has been maybe the most genuine emotional stuff I've seen on the show - and, yes, "emotional stuff" is the term I choose to use there), the BuyMore has become increasingly irrelevant and distracting. It just didn't serve a real purpose in this episode, other than setting up the Morgan/Ellie alliance and the impending Crashing Down of Cover. Kristin Kreuk is kind of awesome, though.

Anyways - I'm off to coffee and then The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. Have a lovely evening, y'all!

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