28 February 2010

Since last we met

Yeah, it's been a couple of days, and I've got to run in about 10 minutes. A quick rundown, then:

- Friday, early evening: Randall McLeod lecture at the UW club. Very interesting stuff (bookbinding, textual studies), even if not my usual.

- Friday, evening: David Bazan concert. Wow. Heck of a show. He performed literally in somebody's living room... there were about 30 people there, watching him with his guitar and a friend of his with an electric. An incredibly intimate setting (fitting for the material he was performing). Doubt, fear, love, faith, all tackled incisively and honestly. Particular highlights of the show were his performances of "In Stitches" and "The Man in Me"

- Friday, later evening: bike back from the show (in North Queen Anne, a nice little trip, across the Ballard Bridge and then down the Burke-Gilman), then get a couple of drinks with NB.

- Friday night: after a couple of drinks, decide that the Merc sounds like a good time, and we could stand to blow off some steam. Shiny, skintight clothing is not my usual scene, but, hey, halfway decent industrial music and the chance to unwind... a lot... always a good thing. Meet up with folks there. Have fantastic conversations, dance, flirt - good times all round.

- Saturday morning: drag self out of bed, curse life, meet up with folks, bike all over the city, take wrong turns, tackle ridiculous hills, eat pasta, bike home, curse life a little bit more, take a hot bath, watch Star Trek: Generations, and collapse into sleep.

- Sunday morning/early afternoon: wake up, realize my legs are still tired from biking, take a long, hot shower, shave, begin to feel human, and, now, update the blog and head out for a day that will, with luck, be both fun and productive.

So that's what I've been doing. It's been good, if tiring. I'd like to send all prayers I can towards Chile at this point... sometimes it feels like the planet is getting ready to get rid of all of us. I don't know what all I can do, other than light some candles, wish the Red Cross well (with pocketbook as well as mind... something I'd recommend to anybody who has a couple of bucks to spare - yeah, things are tight, but every little bit helps, and things are a lot tighter for a lot of other people), and go about my life.

Have a good day, y'all.

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