26 February 2010

Sometimes falling feels like flying

Crazy Heart is, I'm gonna say, a pretty solid film. Not a great film, but good. Heck of a performance by Jeff Bridges, even if the script kind of takes the easy way out (you'll know what I'm talking about if and when you see the movie... and you should see the movie).

Anyways, today I've got an AASRC meeting (yay Asian American Studies Research Cluster!), a lecture by the Hon. Randall McLeod (promisingly titled "Fearful Asymmetry"), and a David Bazan concert to go to later down in Queen Anne. Should be a good Friday!

The ESPN Top Plays are out, and are at this link. Always worth a smile.

Cop Out looks dumb.

And, finally, because I've got work to do -

Today is history. Today will be remembered. Years from now the young will ask with wonder about this day. Today is history and you are part of it. Six hundred years ago when elsewhere they were footing the blame for the Black Death, Kazimerz the Great, so called, told the Jews they could come to Krakow. They came. They trundled their belongings into the city. They settled. They took hold. They prospered in business, science, education, the arts. With nothing they came and with nothing they flourished. For six centuries there has been a Jewish Krakow. Think about it....By this evening those six centuries will be a rumour. They never happened. Today is history.

Sometimes evil is beautiful. Sometimes evil is seductive. Sometimes evil speaks to us, his voice like silk sheets across skin, and we smile as we listen, before we let out our breath and awaken.

Eat the rich.

Have a great day, y'all.

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