17 February 2010

The Tautology Society

I find this comic funny. No offense intended to the rest of PBK... you're wonderful, and I'm sure quite honorable, people.

No music today. Sometimes silence is the thing you want to listen to the most. You ever feel like you're drowning in the constant noise of contemporary life? Like no matter how much meaning you take in, there's always more, there's always another wave cresting just above your head? Not to overdramatize anything, of course.

Anyways... I'm reading Frankenstein today. Comparing passages from two different editions, actually. I know, I know - the life of a textual scholar is a thrilling one.

NBA trade deadline coming up. My best guess: Amar'e (current leader in the "best apostrophe jammed haphazardly into an otherwise conventional name" contest) winds up in Cleveland... he's just too big a name for them not to get him.

Dallas already made a trade... results so far are mixed, but I think it'll be a decent pick-me-up for the team, given a couple of weeks to acculturate.

Israeli hit squad... ah, we barely Jew ye. Is that racist of me to say? Possibly... so I'll just go with this: no matter whether I agree with your politics or not, it's not cool to go around assassinating folks, and it's even less cool to get identified in the process of doing so.

AOL News is asking whether upcoming congressional retirements will mean an increase in bipartisan cooperation. My guess: no. There's trenches out there. They're dug in, they've got machine guns, and neither side has the artillery or the tanks to break through the lines. Short of a popular uprising, I don't see the gridlock breaking anytime soon.

Happy happy, eh?

Have a great day, y'all.

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