16 February 2010

Where's the beef?

So I've been reading Another Country, the Baldwin novel, and finding it kind of creepy. That is all.

I find this song pretty. The girl, too, but that's more or less coincidental.

Arrest warrant for Floyd Landis? For hacking? Really? I don't even understand what's going on with the case... apparently, they're angry because he used files he wasn't supposed to have in order to show that the doping case against him was mishandled? Or something?

Michael Jordan apparently really wants to buy the Charlotte Bobcats. I really hope that purchase doesn't happen - because even though MJ is a legend, he hasn't shown much in the way of basketball personnel acumen, and we both (all?) know that he'd be running things if he took over the team.

Weather troubles at the Winter Olympics. Seems like not much has gone right thus far. Not having a TV, I haven't watched.

Future perfect continuous passive! Oh heck yeah!

Nooo Jair Jurrjens! You were good last year, and the Braves need all the help they can get!

Anyways - time for me to get to the reading. All y'all have a great day.

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