11 March 2010

Beauty in the storm

So I was walking to class this morning and I turn this corner and see the quad. It's a bitterly cold sort of day - the kind where every inch of exposed flesh is stabbing sharply before it goes numb - and it's starting to rain harder. I turn this corner and there's a huge bank of clouds rolling in from the east, big, dark clouds, heavy with the promise of more rain and less sun. There's also a square full of cherry trees in full, amazing, jaw-dropping bloom. There was something about this mass of white blossoms hovering just below this roiling mass of incoming weather that was absolutely amazing. Made my day.

The dance is fascinating. From Lesley Eneanora Boyce-Wilkinson's essay on butoh.de:

Butoh disregards all notions of sophistication and the symbological referencing. It does not seek idealised form or harmonically choreographed patterning, but rather embraces the grotesque, the ungainly, the raw, non-aesthetically encoded body. Butoh gropes beneath the overlay of socialisation and cultural authoritarianism for what the critic Ichikawa miyabi called "the body that has been robbed" and attempts to restore a wild inner flame in the heart of darkness.

The forms put me in mind of certain of Mapplethorpe's images (and many thanks to NMB for introducing me to these) -

The spectacle (the gaze)

The report


and the file cabinet

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