30 March 2010

Because it's a Tuesday night and I'm done with my reading

On The Hollow Men

I. The Face

the sunken ships
the sunken eyes

o absalom
the thousand ships
o absalom
dragged behind the chariot
o absalom
hidden in the dust

the hundred strokes in the dust
the spear in the dust
sullied in the dust

the insistent wailing
the maiden at the well

the wounded heel
the poisoned arrow
the careless mother

the arrow bruising the heel
the arrow crushing the head

would god my most trusted general
the coins and the field
would god the spear in the side
the blood and the water
drink this and remember
would god the broken jaw
the thousand in a day
the foxes all ablaze
the straw all ablaze

the kingdom lost

my god why hast thou
my god
eli eli lama

this day keep holy
and I am cold in my old age

II. Essence/Descent

and all this for
and all this
and all this for the want

in the wake of the desire
with tenderness trembling
shivering in the whitecaps
in the lee of the craving
at five o'clock in the morning
buried in the current
in the trail of the white lines
in the closed hand
in the thin lines

falls the insistent tapping

or with your claws
or with
or with your claws you'll dig him up again

with a whimper
no friend to men
with a whimper
the fouled water
buried deep
with a whimper
so many so many
you who were with me
I thirst

into thy hands
the vinegar and the spear

here there is water
the leaded gold
the flame and the shadow

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