24 March 2010

Guess who's back...


I've been out for a few days biking up to the San Juan Islands and camping out there with some good people. We saw some beautiful scenery, got in some good roadtime (my quads are rock-hard and bulging), and generally recharging for the start of next quarter. I'm excited.

Jason Webley - Icarus

(many thanks to NB for the knowledge)

and, finally, for all y'all - a fragment from a longish piece I've been working at for a while now:

it builds and it builds and oh god oh God My God shabach shabach thinly this day keep holy this day keep holy rest rest but sab but sabbath there is no time my father rabbi my father rabble of voices rabbit twisting shorn in the trap naked in the trap made in the trap born in the trap borne from the trap every morning the trap reset the liver regrown set set my trickster friend loki what a laugh a salmon my queen mab queen of the fairies with all propriety make merry this day the very latest thing the last word the last word oh god make me holy bend me unto thy will burn me purify me make oh god burn me oh god burn me crucible the silver the drops of silver the moments of silver the cracked crucible Johnny Johnny there is no home no home it builds one hand the back of the hand I am falling the helper failing the crooked mattress the sheets tangled the bed tangled the hands tangled and the pewter and the black iron

Eat the rich, y'all. Piece by piece. Screaming. Possibly with foie gras.

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