14 March 2010

It's Sunday night in Seattle

and I'm working on seminar papers.


No, seriously - hurrah. This is what I came out here to do: to have the time and the freedom to develop interesting ideas, to study fascinating things and then to write about them. It's pretty awesome.

Anyways, the bike ride yesterday was pretty awesome. If you Google Maps "Seattle U-District", that's where we started. If you Google Maps "La Conner WA", that's where we wound up. Or you can just go here, to this map, where the approximate route is listed (we actually went another couple of miles past that in order to meet up with folks, plus we sort of meandered about Marysville for a bit trying to find the path, but it's all good). It's a bit of a trek out. My legs are tired. But there's something about exercise - in this case, lots and lots of exercise - that clears the head and lets you focus more on work than you could before. Good stuff.

Time for me to get back to focusing more on work. Paper and a half left and then the quarter is done! Whoo? Whoo! (the whistles go...)

Eat the rich!

(The report)

And all y'all have a great night.

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