29 March 2010

Lit up like a thousand candles

Ray Wylie Hubbard - Resurrection

And they found him in the desert
picking flowers for the muse
Sometimes he's the fire,
sometimes he's the fuse
He's loading up his saddlebags
out on the edge of wonder
One is filled with music
the other's filled with thunder
He was long gone
he was gone when they rolled away the stone

Heckuva song.

Anyways -

First day of class! Cultural studies today. I'm interested to see what that class is like. Kind of excited.

My bracket is absolutely shot. Like, really, really shot. I got... let's see... oh, that's right. Zero of the Final Four. Zip. Zilch. Hooah. For what it's worth, I had Kentucky beating Kansas in the final. Out of the teams that are actually still playing, I'll pick... Michigan State over Duke in the final. 61-53.

I got the new Star Wars novel! Yay! (yes, I'm a geek. Sue me. Or don't... I'd have to represent myself, and it would get ugly for you. You don't want me pulling out the big guns) Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Backlash is in my room right now, and I'm about halfway through. Verdict so far: great plot, but not overly well written. Two different characters (Jaina and Tahiri, for those of you who are also geeks) have been described as looking like former medal-winning track-and-field athletes who have since retired and now make their money by endorsing breakfast cereal. That's a bit weak, dudes. Also: did you have to bring back the Sith again? I mean, I know that it's necessary to some extent in order to set up the whole Cade Skywalker saga, but there's plenty else going on in the galaxy without relying on such a time-honored (some would say time-worn) opponent.

Before I sign off: big hug to S.M.E. - have a safe trip! I'm sure it'll go great.

Eat the rich!

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