30 March 2010


The Who.

The Beelzebubs - The Who Medley

Because no matter how corporate TV gets, there's occasionally something awesome that forces its way, chestburster-like, onto the screen. I find this medley to be awesome.

Good morning Seattle! Er... good afternoon to those of you on the East Coast, who I'm well aware are the majority of my readers. A special good morning to Adrienne, whose comment on my "Values Cloud(ed)" post kind of made my morning. I mean, I'll keep writing regardless - I regard this as a place to blow off some stress - but it's nice to know that some of y'all out there occasionally share my perspectives on things.

This morning, in case you're wondering... 20 minute bike ride, 30 minute run, and then about an hour of lifting weights. It's awesome having classes in the afternoon. Many props also to BRL for getting up at 7 AM to join me.

Off to the library! I've just got to slide on my boots, grab my books, and, in the words of an umpire talking to his mirror, I'm outta here!

Eat the rich.

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