31 March 2010

Who(se line)

Sid Caesar is a legend. The transition from the French to the German accents was especially fantastic.

And, yes, I'm aware that I reused the same post-naming gimmick from a little while ago.

Here's a quote from one of my textbooks this quarter, Lawrence Grossberg's seminal(ish) (by which I mean it's an interesting read) book We Gotta Get Out of This Place:

Popular culture seems to work at the intersection of the body and emotions. Emotion is itself a notoriously difficult topic for cultural critics who often try to explain it as if it were merely the aura of ideological effects. Such accounts cannot explain why certain practices elicit strong emotive effects while others do not. The very fact that there is an unavoidable quantitative aspect to emotions suggests that there must be more to the production of emotional effects. I conclude that they are the product of the articulation of two planes: signification (rather than ideology, since people can be quite emotional about meanings that do not claim to represent reality) and affect. And consequently, I will locate the sensibilities of popular formations primarily on the plane of affect.

I'm not sure yet whether I agree with him. But it's an interesting point, and it seems to be heading us towards an interesting quarter.

Anyways - off to read about that glorious time back when women ruled everything and men just kind of sat on the couch unless the women told them to do something. Marriage jokes abound.

Eat the rich! Or at least their delicious sashimi. Tastes like oppression!

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