17 April 2010


Yup. So the plan was to go on a bike ride today, head over to the Red Hook brewery, nice easy 30ish miles. That... never happened. We got derailed by a late start, a book sale, and several other factors, rain among them.

Still an awesome day, though!

I picked up a collection of John Cheever short stories, the Robert Stone novel Dog Soldiers, a copy of This Sex Which Is Not One, and a collection of Russian short stories which includes, among others, Gogol's The Nose.

I've been meaning to make this joke for a while now, in honor of Фёдор Миха́йлович Достое́вский:

We all came out of Gogol's nose.

Sorry, MAD, JL, and anyone else who is touchy about profaning great literature with near-scatological humor.

How weird/sweet was it to see Amy Acker, Lee Majors, Timothy Omundson, and Armand Assante on this latest episode of Human Target? It's always a pleasure to run across Ms. Acker, and this was no exception. Her "I'm single and I live downtown" line after she demonstrated her facility with a handgun gave me happy Fred flashbacks. Also, Jackie Earle Haley is awesome.

So here's where I sign off for the night, go read for a bit, and fall asleep.

Have a great night, all!

The Beatles - Revolution

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