22 April 2010

Great Success! ...kinda

Finally! We have a new update from the UAW local 4121 bargaining team! And it's kinda sorta mostly good news mostly in some ways!

Bargaining Update: April 21, 2010

We met with the University’s bargaining team again today, along with a neutral mediator from the state’s Public Employment Relations Committee.

Due to the consistent pressure being placed on the University both at the bargaining table and by members across campus, the University’s bargaining team today removed most of its takeaway proposals from the table in an effort to reach a quick settlement and deflect attention away from its mismanagement of our health care program. But the University is still refusing to be fully upfront about the $10.6 millions of dollars in overpayments to the health insurance companies and is still continuing to claim that—despite documentary evidence to the contrary—the money being overpaid to insurance carriers is not a matter for bargaining. Accordingly, the University has yet to offer us a meaningful response to our proposals on wages, health insurance, child care, and academic excellence.

Because there is still a significant amount of money available from overpayments to the health insurance carrier we’re continuing to seek a fair and reasonable settlement on our proposals. Today we explained to the mediator our understanding of the mismanagement of the health care plan and demonstrated that if the University were to bargain over this money our proposals would be cost neutral. We’re meeting with the University’s bargaining team and mediator again tomorrow, and will update you with developments.

Finally, due to the University’s continued reluctance to be upfront about the mismanagement of the health insurance program we filed an unfair labor practice with the state’s Public Employment Relations Committee on Monday. You can read an earlier letter we sent to the University informing them that they were engaging in an unfair labor practice as well as more information explaining the mismanagement of the health care program here:

In the words of Nute Gunray... "At last, we are getting results."

Still a lot of work to be done, but it's a start - and, finally, there's a sign that the UW is willing (even if only kicking and screaming) to compromise. Combine this with the whole UWPD infiltration incident, and you start to think that they might actually be worried about this whole 'power of the student body' thing. Hmm...

Eh. Let's get a little goofy for a couple minutes.

Finally - much respect and support for Teamsters Local 117 in their current tough time. It's important to be able to see a doctor if you need to, especially if you're handling garbage all the time.

All y'all have a good day.

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