26 April 2010

Rain, rain, go away (or don't)

Hrem. So it's Monday night. Good day today, overall. Productive. Got some reading done, formulated some discussion questions, went to meetings, ate some food; nothing too out of the ordinary, but, on the same token, nothing bad, either.

It's raining outside. There's a surprise for y'all: rain. in Seattle.

Congrats to the Magic on making it through the first round! I'd like to note that (1) Dwight Howard is getting ridiculous calls made against him yet again - this is the second consecutive year that he's been consistently getting the short end of the stick - and (2) the Magic defense is ridiculous. Ridiculous, I tell you! Even when the refs are keeping Mr. Howard on the bench, Orlando is still locking Charlotte down.

Yup. Anyways - time for me to do a wee bit more work, then head in for the night. Running tomorrow morning earlyish!

A quick shoutout to SKH: congrats on the job and on the impending graduation!

All y'all have a great evening.

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