18 May 2010


...yeah - not much in the way of new news (other than that I and NMB and TP and ZW and a bunch of others are going out to see Evelyn Evelyn tomorrow! Yay!), so I figured I'd throw a little piece I wrote this afternoon onto the blog, more or less for no other reason than just to have it typed up.

Here we go round here we who in stillness tremble who in silence whisper here we go round falling down falling down the clay the clay o breath of life male and female he made them here we go round here we kill and do not kill here we sacrifice our will in his peace shema yisrael adonai eloheinu adonai echad shema yisrael adonai eloheinu sinks his voice sinks at the bottom of a well and you have closed your ears to his warnings shema yisrael adonai eloheinu wanders the riverbed plucking locusts from the sand speaks to the pharoah with a snake writhing in the sand creeps from the shadows on a treeless day digs a hole in the dry sand and gives it drink here we go round in silence tremble in tenderness tremble shema yisrael with a handful of clay but there is no water shema yisrael with a handful of dust writhing upon a staff lift your eyes shema yisrael a swarm of locusts descends from the hills

Yup. So that's the sort of thing that goes through my mind while I'm sitting in class. Fun, isn't it. Want to know the really fun bit? I've got an entire notebook full of those that I've written just this quarter! Hurrah.

For a slightly more conventional poem, here's a short piece I wrote (also in class) last week.

incoherence skitters
eight-legged, huge
in the curve
of a glass,
melts with the last
latticework of head.
I slide through
air and jukebox,
push molecules
into turgid order
as I wobble after
each sentiment
I'd meant to offer.

All better now? Brain a wee bit more in alignment? ...don't worry folks, I'm more than capable of writing entirely conventional little pieces, even if I am doing a lot of experimenting with stuff that kind of explodes all over the screen. All y'all have a great night.

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