13 May 2010

Three posts

in one day? Really?

Yes. Because this essay isn't writing itself, and I'm getting bored with Joan Scott.

My Brightest Diamond is one of my absolute favorite artists. Three songs (just like three posts! Resonance!) to show you why:

My Brightest Diamond - Be My Husband

My Brightest Diamond - We Were Sparkling

My Brightest Diamond - Dragonfly

I once saw a dragonfly
Caught in a spider's web
As I looked at her once more
I thought that she was dead

So I left her alone & I went on my way
& I was dreaming of Paris & Pierre Boulez
But she called to me with a beat of her wing
She called to me & said free me

She said come & fly away with me tonight

I've been up there before
Riding the wind & laughing & open
(til one day that great big black came
pushing me down into sticky traps)
But now I am afraid of flying
I am afraid of finding the black again

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