22 June 2010

You know who you look like?!

It's the funniest thing. The last few weeks, a bunch of folks have been saying 'hey, Mike! You look kind of like [insert person's name here]!' This included, recently, one last night and then one this morning. I've thought about it a little bit, and decided that it's more or less harmless, and might even be a little fun.

So... here's a nice little collection of pictures of people that (in the last month or two) my appearance has been compared to. I've ranked them chronologically by when the comparison was made. Some of them I look at and think, 'hey, that's not a horrible comparison' ... some of them, not so much.

A further note: I also haven't included any pictures of, ah, me. I figure most of y'all reading this probably know what I look like, and, frankly, I'd be a little creeped out to put my picture up there with all them folks. Yup.

A further note: erm... I'm also not saying that I'm as good-looking as any of these dudes... or chicks... as I by no means think that I am. I thought the comparisons were a wee bit humorous. And stuff.

Comparison One: Keanu Reeves

Comparison Two: Wentworth Miller (which I also got this morning)

Comparison Three: Channing Tatum

Comparison Four: Tom Welling

Comparison Five: Jet Li

Comparison Six: Michael Ballack

Comparison Seven: Christian Bale

Hmm. Not exactly sure what to make of that list. I do find it kind of funny, though. It's also interesting that both times Wentworth Miller got talked about, it wasn't by name, it was as 'that dude from Prison Break.' Sort of makes me feel bad for the guy. Not exactly sure, either, what my choices of roles for these pictures say about my self-image... i.e. selecting 'Giorgio Armani / Batman Begins' Christian Bale rather than 'The Machinist' or 'American Psycho' Christian Bale, or (perhaps more tellingly) 'Unleashed' Jet Li rather than 'Fearless' or 'The One' or any of his other roles. Hmmm....

Anyways - back to the studying! All y'all have a great day.

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