23 June 2010

'Spews' is the right word.

From the AP, via Yahoo! News:

The Gulf continues to get royally f*cked. One of the robots BP's got down there knocked into the tube that was funneling a little of the spilling crude to a container.

And by 'a little', I mean about 42000 gallons an hour. Which translates into 16571 barrels per day - aka 'a little under 17 times what BP originally said was leaking'... also aka 'a little under 1/3 of what they say is leaking now.'

Let's translate these three numbers, eh? In, say, gallons per minute, something that's nice and easy to imagine.

29 gallons per minute
- First BP estimate of leak.
483 gallons per minute
- Amount that was being funneled to the surface.
1750 gallons per minute
- Amount that they think is currently leaking.


And, from the same article, there's a bunch of oil on Pensacola Beach:

Meanwhile, pools of oil washed up along miles of national park and Pensacola Beach shoreline and health advisories against swimming and fishing in the once-pristine waters were extended for 33 miles east from the Alabama border.

"It's pretty ugly, there's no question about it," Gov. Charlie Crist said.

The oil had a chemical stench as it baked in the afternoon heat. The beach looked as if it had been paved with a 6-foot-wide ribbon of asphalt, much different from the tar balls that washed up two weeks earlier.

"This used to be a place where you could come and forget about all your cares in the world," said Nancy Berry, who fought back tears as she watched her two grandsons play in the sand far from the shore.

Park rangers in the Gulf Islands National Seashore helped to rescue an oily young dolphin found beached in the sand.

Similarly awesome.

All right now... I'm off to read about something less depressing.

Y'all have a great evening.

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