30 July 2010

Oh, you wacky weather balloons

Current weather in Seattle: 56 degrees Fahrenheit and foggy. What?

Meanwhile, in Moscow: 100+ degrees Fahrenheit yesterday. What?

Meanwhile, in outer space: an asteroid about 10 times the size of the 1908 Tunguska comet might or might not (probably not, but, hey, there's a chance) hit us about 172 years from now. Hurrah!

Meanwhile, in Europe (notice how these things are getting further and further away from me?), my good friend CEJ has (according to Tumblr) apparently met the prime minister of Poland. Congrats, dude... you're awesome. And I'm not talking about the PM here, though I'm pretty sure that he or she is a lovely person.

Anyways - all y'all have a great morning. I'm off to class, then back to the apartment to study for a wee bit, then off to critical mass this evening. Should be a good day.

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