12 August 2010

Another top 5

So here's a list I've been thinking on for a few days now, off and on (mostly off, but it's all good) -

album covers. Of albums that I have.

I'm not going to get overly ambitious with this - not gonna try for the Best Album Covers Ever of All Time - but, eh, there's some really cool ones in my inventory. Do note that most of them I've got in mp3 format, so I don't have them in actual hardcopy (I don't actually own a single CD or DVD) but they're still cool pictures. Note also that I'm not judging the music, or the cultural relevance - just the artwork, and I'm only judging it on the grounds of 'hey, that looks awesome.'

Cool? Cool.

5. The Phenomenal Handclap Band - The Phenomenal Handclap Band

Old-school, colors bleeding everywhere, and it's straight-up awesome. Reminiscent (in all the best ways) of the grand old days before I was born, when Tron was the hot new thing on the block and you had to commute on dinosaurs. Grok my jive, me hearties?

4. Horse Feathers - Words are Dead

Love love love what they did with this cover. It's got this sweet Where The Wild Things Are vibe to it, combined with just enough unsettling pig-on-the-barbie imagery to keep it fresh.

3. Ben Frost - By the Throat

There's something that's just a little bit disturbing about this cover, and, for a long time, I couldn't figure out what it was. I think I've finally pinned it down, though. It's not the wolves, or the snow, or the bright lights - it's the red band and the use of negative space for the words. It makes me think of that old game, Battlezone.

2. Ray Wylie Hubbard - Snake Farm and A. Enlightenment

Okay, okay, so I know I'm cheating with this one. Er... two. Er... this choice. But I didn't want to give away two slots on the countdown to the good Mr. Hubbard, nor could I in good conscience leave either of these scintillating entries off. Seriously. Just look at them. That's some killer work right there.

1. The Dead Weather - Horehound

Y'all know me. You know I hate to be 'trendy' or 'cool,' and god forbid that I blunder into 'hip.' But, as I said, this list isn't about the bands, or the music, or their cultural relevance. And that's one heckuvan album cover.

In other news... I do believe that might be the first time I've used 'heckuvan' in writing. Doesn't roll off the fingers all that well, but I suppose if it's grammatically correct, it's grammatically correct.

Back to work I go.

Have a great night!

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