20 August 2010

Cop drives drunk on duty, kills biker, keeps license.

According to the Indianapolis Star:

At 11:20 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 6, 2010, an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police cruiser driven by Officer David Bisard plowed into a group of four riders on three motorcycles stopped at a red light. One rider was killed, and two others critically injured.

A blood test indicated Bisard was drunk and he was initially charged with seven DUI-related felonies. But those charges were later dropped because the blood test had been mishandled and no other evidence supported the DUI charge.

Yup. You read that right. The cop (who's been in five car crashes before this) was driving drunk - a followup article pinned his BAC at .19, almost two and a half times the legal limit - and then, somehow, his coworkers managed to mess up the blood test, resulting in the worst of the charges being dropped.

Quote from the followup article:

One victim's family called the dismissal a "travesty." A legal expert said the police ineptness leaves the public with little choice but to wonder whether the bungled case was more than an accident. And Mayor Greg Ballard has become increasingly frustrated as he seeks answers, as well.

"The people in the city are not the only ones wondering what happened at the scene," Ballard said. "I am, too."

Straub and Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Chief Paul Ciesielski repeated their insistence Thursday that Bisard received "absolutely no deference" from fellow officers Aug. 6 after he crashed his cruiser into two motorcycles that were stopped at a light.

The impact of the crash -- which occurred while Bisard, 36, was responding to a request for help serving a warrant, with his cruiser's lights and siren activated -- killed Eric Wells, 30, and seriously injured two other riders.

Bisard surrendered after prosecutors learned a blood test had shown his blood-alcohol level was 0.19 -- more than twice the level at which an Indiana driver is considered intoxicated.

But that arrest didn't come until five days after the crash because of the lag in test results. The delay in arresting Bisard drew scrutiny from some -- as did the fact that no officers conducted field-sobriety or breath tests of Bisard at the scene.

Yeah, you read that right. He was on duty, driving drunk, killed a guy, sent two other people to the hospital, and then his coworkers didn't even conduct a field sobriety test.

Seriously. I've had cops ask me if I was drunk because I was dancing along with my mp3 player while I was walking back to my dorm. Granted, I'm a horrible dancer, but my dancing isn't as bad as, I don't know, killing somebody.

Want more? He gets to keep his license! According to this article, from yesterday:

A judge ruled this morning that a suspended Indianapolis police officer may keep his driver's license while he awaits trial on charges that he was driving drunk on duty when he struck two motorcycles, killing one rider and injuring two others.


It gets better, though! Want to hear the most impressive, if rather unsurprising, part of the story? Quote, again from the original article:

An IMPD report of the accident characterized the motorcyclists as "failing" to move, but traffic safety experts say they did the right thing in staying put.

Yeah. Not only did the cops cover up for their buddy after he drove drunk while on duty, killed a guy, and sent two other people to the hospital, they said it was the victims' fault! Isn't that just peachy?

Way to protect and serve, dudes. I'd say you're doing an exemplary job, as long as the only things you're trying to protect are your own asses, and the only thing you're serving is your own dang self-interest.

Have a great day, y'all - I'm getting back to work.

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