21 August 2010

Just another...

LS posted the link to designboom.com on Facebook, I looked up numbers on congress.org: and Time Magazine and found that it's actually even worse than the artist, Sebastian Errazuriz, realized. Quote from Time, April 13, 2010:

From the invasion of Afghanistan until last summer, the U.S. military had lost 761 soldiers in combat there. But a higher number in the service — 817 — had taken their own lives over the same period. The surge in suicides, which have risen five years in a row, has become a vexing problem for which the Army's highest levels of command have yet to find a solution despite deploying hundreds of mental-health experts and investing millions of dollars. And the elephant in the room in much of the formal discussion of the problem is the burden of repeated tours of combat duty on a soldier's battered psyche.

Heck of an image.

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