21 August 2010

Oh Em Gee

1. It's the weekend!

2. It's actually the weekend! I.E. ...I'm done! No studying, no working! Whoo!

Yeah, folks, you heard it right. Essay finished. Four weeks of reading and (intensive) thinking for the first draft, two weeks of more thinking for the second draft, two weeks of thinking and revising for this final draft, which I finished up last night. Result? Many pages of, if not perfection, at least something that I can walk away from without feeling a sharp pain in my gut.

I slept late this morning for the first time in, literally, weeks.

...or, rather, I tried to. I went to bed at 12:05 after working on my essay for twelve hours straight and then having a single beer (Black Butte Porter, I highly recommend it) in celebration. I pointedly did not set my alarm. Given that I'd gotten three hours of sleep in the past forty-one hours, and eight in the past sixty-five, I anticipated a hibernation-level slumber.

Imagine my surprise, then, when I awoke at 6:15, mostly refreshed and completely unable to fall back asleep.

Ah, well. Morning run (7 miles, 67 minutes), cup of coffee, couple handfuls of raisin bran, new episode of Eureka, and I'm in a fantastic mood for the day. Think I'm doing sushi tonight with some wonderful folk (you know who you are...), though I'm not entirely certain.

Speaking of Eureka - this latest episode was, as is usual for the show, quite wonderful. The ending in particular made me smile. It also made me remember my SU Honors kids. Y'all know I love you guys (and gals).

Really a sweet little scene, there.

My only quibble with "Stoned" was that the good Dr. Grant had his role somewhat minimized for the episode. I really can't get enough of that sepia-toned, sport-calling, gratuitously gentlemanly character. ...and, granted (please pardon the pun; it's entirely unintentional, I assure you), I'm sure that most of the ladies in the audience can't, either.

Anyways - I'm off to the farmer's market, then going to mess around with my violin a bit :) I've been wanting to work out some tunes that have been floating around my head, and it's always a wonderful stress release.

All y'all have a great day! I know I'm going to.

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