20 August 2010

So this is where I am

It's 8:10 in the morning, I've been up for about two and a half hours now. Last night, I got the final draft of my MA essay mostly done. By mostly, I mean I've got everything more or less where it needs to be and I'm within the page guidelines - I'm just not completely satisfied with the feel of it yet. Then again... I don't know that I'm going to be. I have this feeling that the more I tinker with this essay, the more I'm going to want to keep tinkering with it. So... I'll get back from class this afternoon, give it one more good scouring, and turn it in this evening or tonight. Some folks are going on a hike this evening, and I'd very much like to go, but I know that if I'm not satisfied with my essay before I turn it in, it'll eat at me and I won't be able to have any fun.

Did you catch that mention of getting back from class? I've also got a Spanish final about two and a half hours from now, one that I really haven't started studying for just yet in large part because this got-dang essay has been consuming my thoughts. ...I'm going to go find my textbooks and start learning verb forms now.

All y'all have a great morning! I need coffee.

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