13 October 2010

For those about to... make pancakes?

Saw this commercial earlier today, couldn't decide whether to find it blasphemous or hilarious. Hmm.


Anyways. Wound up lecturing off the top of my head for 50 minutes this afternoon when I realized (about three minutes into what was intended to be discussion) that my freshmen had no conception of Marxist models of the economy and society. In retrospect, I probably should have seen that coming. Filled two whiteboards full of diagrams, lists, and definitions.

Oddly, it was probably my best pure lecture ever. Hmm... maybe there's something to be said for being utterly unprepared for a speech. I wound up actually, more or less on the fly, coming up with a really neat little series of triangles as I tried to explain the concept of a social formation. Think my freshmen actually got it, too, which is cool - it took my poring over Marx in my little cell (by which I mean dorm room) for a solid couple of days - so if they've managed an introductory grasp of it in one evening and one afternoon, that's pretty awesome.

Off to go read about racism and the reproduction of the means of production, now. Also to eat soup. Delicious chicken noodle soup.

Have a great night!

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