17 October 2010

A Bourgeois Morning

Is that not just one of the most adorable things ever? Such fluid movement, and that smile - ridiculously cute.

Anyways, I'm spending my Sunday morning (and early afternoon) in the office, working on an essay and revising the calendar for the course I'm teaching. Althusser has proven to be just absolute tremendous fun to teach, but it is a little bit time-consuming, so I'm giving us a little bit of extra time to focus on it next week, then pushing further rhetorical analysis back into the timeframe when we're doing Butler - I think the younglings will click with her stuff on a way that they maybe don't with good ole Louie.

In other news, I've taken the last week or so mostly off from working out, thanks to sore ankles and knees and (to a lesser extent) a nasty cough I picked up in the cold and wet and awesome of running Mount Si. I thought I had the long-distance thing figured out (and was really looking forward to the marathon), but right now any time I try to push things, I wind up hobbling around for a couple of days with sore/clicking joints. Guess I'll try to build up the muscles some more, give my joints a little bit more support while doing some low-impact work, and then start trying to push forward again.

I do believe I'm feelin' stronger every day. Or, if not feeling, at least, getting. Becoming. Making myself.

What we do all the time, right?


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