22 October 2010

New Leaks: 66000+ Dead

That's confirmed dead civilians in Iraq, if you haven't been following the news, a number that dwarfs the number of supposed insurgents killed.

The U.S. military has also been turning a blind eye to Iraqi troops and police torturing and killing suspects.

All of this is according to classified documents - 400000+ of them - that just popped up on Wikileaks.

This article from Reuters does a halfway decent job of pointing out some of the key points. Excerpts:


The Iraq war files touched on other themes, including well-known U.S. concerns about Iranian training and support for Iraqi militias. The documents, which spanned 2003 to 2009, also detailed 66,081 civilian deaths in the Iraqi conflict, WikiLeaks said.

Assange told Al Jazeera television the documents had provided enough material for 40 wrongful killing lawsuits.

"There are reports of civilians being indiscriminately killed at checkpoints ... of Iraqi detainees being tortured by coalition forces, and of U.S. soldiers blowing up entire civilian buildings because of one suspected insurgent on the roof," WikiLeaks said in a statement.

In one 2007 case, according to the documents, an Apache helicopter killed two Iraqis suspects who had made signs that they wanted to surrender. The document said, "They can not surrender to aircraft and are still valid targets." It can be seen here


In one case, an Iraqi policeman shot a detainee in the leg. The suspect was whipped with a rod and hose across his back, cracking ribs, causing multiple lacerations and welts.

"The outcome: 'No further investigation,'" the Guardian wrote.

The documents also cited cases of rape and murder, including a videotaped execution of a detainee by Iraqi soldiers. That document can be seen here

I have trouble thinking of the United States as the good guys.

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