27 November 2010


Know what day it is?

It's FSU day!

Now, I know that UF's football team is a little bit down this year. Things haven't all gone as Gators fans might have hoped.

This is still a big day, folks. One of the biggest.

"But," you say, "the Gators have plenty of rivals."

That's true. It's something that happens when you play in The Best Dang Conference In The Country. Any time UF plays against, say, Georgia, Tennessee, Auburn, Alabama, or LSU, it's a huge game.

FSU's special, though. I'm not going to say "huger," because even though huger is a word, it shouldn't be.

FSU is the game that can make a fantastic season bittersweet or a mediocre season - which this most assuredly is - mildly acceptable.

FSU is the team that beat UF in 96.

FSU is the team that, even though their winning in other games would make UF's schedule better, I always smile to see losing.

My sister goes to FSU, and I can't bring myself to cheer for them, or even not to cheer against them.

It's FSU day, ladies and gentlemen.

Go Gators.

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