25 July 2011

Oh my God, we're back again.

So... this is now a space where I dump links for or excerpts from things that people should be reading. Because not all of you have Facebook, and I don't feel like continually cluttering up my wall.

I do a lot of reading. For one thing, it's my job. For another, I read fast. If you know me, you know this. I spend probably 10-12 hours a day reading either books (literary and political theory, novels, poetry, short stories) or articles on the internet (journal articles, magazines, newspaper articles, etcetera). This means that, every day (or at least every good day), I come across at least a couple of things that are either beautiful or terrible or insightful or infuriating or that speak to me or some combination of all of those things.

Not everybody has this luxury. So... I'm gonna start dumping stuff here for you to read. Some of it, you'll probably like; some of it, you'll probably hate. I speak here to an abstract "you" because I don't know exactly who "you" are, or if "you" even exist. When I was posting regularly on here - eight months ago now - I had between 500 and 600 people stopping by every day. Right now... not so much. Probably because I haven't been back here in eight months or so. Anyways... if you stop by and feel like reading, good on ya. If not, good on ya. I'll keep generating content. It is not the content that matters, but that it circulates, right?


p.s. - sorry for the Backstreet Boys post title.  Couldn't resist.

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