26 July 2011

Charles P. Pierce - The Bomb that Didn't Go Off

Today's article is from Esquire magazine.

I think this article is relevant and useful to think about in the context of the recent Oslo tragedies - but also (ethnocentrically) in the context of our ongoing national political debates.

Brief excerpt:

And when the gun goes off or the bomb explodes, the powerful will deplore the actions of the powerless, and they will reassure the rest of us that We are not like Them, who are violent and crazy and whose acts have no reason beyond unfathomable madness.

Pierce is making a familiar kind of point here, or at least a point that's familiar in the circles in which I tend to run - that there's a certain kind of violence inherent in our political narratives - but he's making it, for my money, pretty beautifully. This article appeals to me especially, I think, because, you know, Spokane is, if not my stomping grounds, one mountain pass away, just a couple of hours' drive. Definitely worth a read.

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