28 July 2011

Mandy van Deven - The Science Behind Disgust

Today's article is from Salon.com.

Today, we have a straightforward interview that is, I think, very much worth reading. Salon.com's Mandy van Deven sits down (or stands up, I don't know the exact geometry) to chat with Purdue University philosophy professor Daniel Kelly in advance of his upcoming book Yuck! The Nature and Moral Significance of Disgust.

One especially cogent quote from Kelly:
A practice people are disgusted by may or may not be immoral, but the fact that people are disgusted by it is totally irrelevant to that particular question. We shouldn't trust disgust to give us reliable information about morality.
This kind of thing might be old hat to some of y'all, but even if you've heard the argument before (any Steven Pinker fans out there?), it's worth a glance through - Kelly, at least as he's quoted here, is a clear and engaging speaker who lays out his points logically and with a little bit of humor, which is always welcome.

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