27 July 2011

Stuart Jeffries - A Life in Writing: Slavoj Zizek

Today's article is from The Guardian

So, slight change of pace (already? We're only three days in!) from the first two articles I posted. This is an interview/bio/relevance piece on Slavoj Zizek. I have mixed feelings about Zizek (as I do about most things), but I do find his work quite refreshing - in the way that a cold shower, or a Sex Pistols song, or a captioned picture of a cat, is refreshing - and often more appealing than your typical "academic" writing. It's certainly more approachable.

This article is worth reading if you're interested in seeing what one particular brand of radical politics looks like these days, reading what is perhaps a fresh take on Wikileaks, or encountering one particularly filthy joke (as a warning: Zizek isn't known for self-censorship. At all.).

The blurb for his new books says he has made philosophy relevant for a whole generation of politically committed readers. Žižek demurs. "A lot of what I write is blah, blah, bullshit, a diversion from the 700-page book on Hegel I should be writing."

Hope all y'all have a great day. With my coffee and doughnut achieved, it's time for me to plunge back into theory.

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