27 August 2011

Bruce Barcott - Totally Psyched for the Full-Rip Nine

This article is from Outside, and it should be required reading for anybody looking to move to the Pacific Northwest.

As much as it sounds like some kind of gun reference, "full-rip nine" here refers to the impending Cascadian Megaquake... one for which we're already a few decades overdue, according to the numbers given in Barcott's article.

This piece takes the form of some introductory data (a crash course in plate tectonics, a portrait of the Lone Scientist Nobody Believes), and then a timeline of what would happen in the scenario of a 9.1 quake off the Oregon coast.

The story Barcott tells isn't what you might call a pretty one. It is, though, an absolutely riveting - and potentially very important - read. All y'all enjoy.

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