10 August 2011

Chris Jones and Jonah Keri - In Which Two Canadians Fight About A Sport That Is Not Hockey

Today's article is from Grantland.

Today's article, as you might guess from the title, is more fun than it is anything else. It's coming to us from Grantland, the "how you play the Game" themed sportswriting site helmed by Bill Simmons in conjunction with Dave Eggers, Malcolm Gladwell, and others.

This particular article is a brief exchange on the nature of baseball-centered human-interest pieces in the era of sabermetrics. Is it possible to write a relatable article when you have advanced statistics to deal with? Do the new ways of looking at the game (okay, so they're not so new anymore, but they're still new to a lot of fans) kill the "romance" of the game?

Sample passage, from the Hon. Mr. Jones:

Sooner than I might have expected, we’ve reached that point in our discussion when we find our hero — that’s me — backed into the Corner of Impossibility: You're asking me to defend art with science, and I can’t. It’s why science always wins. Art can’t overcome the burden of proof, and I concede that point, absolutely, which is why I’d never claim that statistics are stupid. I understand their importance and their value. But that doesn’t mean I have to love them.
Worth taking a look at if you're into sportswriting.

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